Formula SAE (FSAE) is internationally renown as the world’s largest engineering design competition, hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Since its formation in the US in 1981, the FSAE competition has expanded across the world and is recognised for producing young engineers at the top of their field.

The FSAE challenge

Students take on the role of a small production team and within a year must conceive, design, finance and manufacture a prototype formula style racing car that adheres to the regulations outlined for FSAE. The project is managed and run entirely by students and participants gain invaluable real-world experience in practical engineering, project management and team work.

FSAE Australasia

The Australasian competition is held annually and  attracts teams from over 30 universities from across Australia and around the world.

Teams compete for overall supremacy throughout a series of static and dynamic challenges as listed below.

Static Challenges:

  • Technical Inspections
  • Business Logic Case
  • Cost & Manufacturing Event
  • Presentation Event
  • Design Event

Dynamic Challenges:

  • Acceleration Event
  • Skid-Pad Event
  • Autocross Event
  • Endurance & Efficiency Event