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What We Do

At UTAS Motorsport the team design, build and test a Formula-SAE car for the FSAE competition. Each year we gain more knowledge to improve upon the last deign but recently we have undertaken the challenge to build an electric FSAE car. With the advancements in technology and the future moving towards electric vehicles the next challenges are ensuring that they are built reliable, safe and functional.

Meet the team

Caleb Cooper – Team Leader: In his third year of mechanical engineer, Caleb has been apart of the team since beginning Uni. He took over the responsibility in 2018 to help UTAS Motorsports achieve the dream of building the first electric FSAE car.

Luke Joyce – Head Engineer: Has the most knowledge about how the FSAE car works and how to build it. In his fourth and final year of mechanical engineer, Luke works hard to make sure the car is completed and up to spec for the end of year competition.

Gareth Davy – Head Electrical Engineer: Building an electric FSAE car has required a lot more electronic components compared to a combustion engine. Gareth ensures that the electrical engineering for the car if functional and safe for competition.

Want to join the team?

If your a UTAS student who wants to get involved in the design, construction and testing of the FSAE car. You can get in contact by clicking the button below.

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